Our mission

An understanding of research design, robust evaluations, and fair syntheses of research are all essential in conducting, reading, and using research. This website is a compilation of research, reviews and evaluations conducted by  a team of social scientists interested in the improvement of education – widely interpreted, lifelong and in a social context – and in the improvement of research about such education. Their main priority is to rigour, and their mission is to encourage and support effective research – research that has real life impact and implications for policy and practice.

The main purpose of this site is to make available information about our research  and evaluations to the public, policy makers, stakeholders and other consumers of research. It is a library of ideas for developing impact research, robust evaluations of interventions and reviews of research studies. Feel free to contribute by contacting us. You could offer examples of your own, or those of others that fit the themes and mission. You might also want to join one of the studies as a research partner, or commission us to evaluate a new intervention.