Current Research Grants


2015-2017      Evaluation of National Literacy Trust Academies Programme (National Literacy Trust)

2015-2017       Research into the non-cognitive impacts of Philosophy for Children (P4C) (Nuffield Foundation)

2013-2014       Evaluation of Core Knowledge ( Educational Endowment Foundation)

2013-2014       Aggregated trial of Fresh Start (Educational Endowment Foundation)

2013-2014       Aggregated trial of Accelerated Reader ( Educational Endowment Foundation)

2013-2014        Evaluating CUREE and Achievement for All Response to Intervention

2013-                Evaluation of the Future Foundation 2013 Summer School                                     Programmes 2013

2013-                 Evaluation of International Ford Foundation Programme: a case study of India

2013-                 Annual Data Observatory (Castle Vale)

2012-2015         Evaluating SAPERE Philosophy for Children

2012-2013         Evaluating Switch-On Tailored Literacy Support

2012-2013         Evaluating the Anglican Schools’ Partnership Teachers’ Use of Effective Feedback

2012-2013        Replication of Banerjee et al. 2007 (3ie)

2012-2013        Developing parental involvement intervention (Nuffield Foundation)

2012                 Review of evidence on year 7 literacy (EEF)

2010-2012       Aspirations, attitudes, behaviour and attainment: a review of causality (Rowntree)

2011-2012       The determinants and clustering of school intakes (British Academy)

2012                 Links between affective and academic outcomes (Teach First)

2012                Evaluating the BELL summer school programme (EEF)

2011                Can we judge the performance of schools? (ESRC Festival of Social Science)