Teaching materials & simple examples

Video of lecture on research design as independent of resaerch methods

The link for QM teaching/learning resources available on the ESRC website.

Below are some of the presenters’ slides and research papers that may help you understand the purpose for the Research Design Basis for Undergraduate Teaching project. Unless specified, all the files are in PDF format and will open in a new browser window.

pdficonsmallPresentation by Sarah Cotterill

pdficonsmallWho’s afraid of research questions? The importance (and neglect?) of question-led methods teaching. Patrick White, Department of Sociology, University of Leicester

Stand Out and Be Counted Booklet(Success stories of people who were skilful in QM)

SPSS Tutorials (Videos)

Installing SPSS

Opening and closing SPSS

The SPSS Interface

Creating variables and entering data

Comparing means and interpretation of results

Correlation and Regression